How does it work?

The Body has an innate ability to heal itself, if the conditions are favorable. Bowenwork recognizes this principle and helps to reset the body's intrinsic system to facilitate healing.  There is a direct relationship between the structural framework of the body, the nervous system, and internal organs. Bowenwork restores their functional integration by gentle moves that relax muscles, fascia tissue, and the nervous system.

How effective is it?

Case studies from practitioners, who are using Bowenwork™ around the world show that most people respond within two weeks of the initial session. A second session is required to "set" the work. These results compared to other therapies is excellent. If a client does not respond as quickly, the complexity of problems could be higher than normal but will improve with continuing sessions. Bowenwork™ can be used safely on anyone. It is extremely gentle and is not known to have adverse side effects.

History of Bowenwork

Bowenwork™ was developed by Mr. Tom Bowen, from Geelong, Vitoria, Australia (1916-1982). He self-studied, and discovered that he had an intuitive talent for healing people with occupational and sports related injuries, and many other afflictions.

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