About Bowenwork

Bowenwork™ was developed by Mr. Tom Bowen, from Geelong, Vitoria, Australia (1916-1982). He self-studied, and discovered that he had an intuitive talent for healing people with occupational and sports related injuries, and many other afflictions.

Mr. Bowen gradually built up a full time practice as a manipulative therapist, practicing his unique method which later would be called Bowenwork™. His work was based on his approach of "resetting" the tension in dysfunctional muscle groups.  This method has mandatory time delays between sets of moves. An Australian Government study of health and practitioners in 1974 found that he had one of the largest clientele base in the country, seeing about 13,000 people per year with 80% of clients only ever needing 2 treatments to respond.


Debra's Story

Hi, I'm Debra Hartsfield. I have always been interested in the Human Body. In my early days, I was very active in sports and came across a few sports-related injuries which I had to rehab.  In college, I decided to pursue my interest and I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. After that, I continued to earn a Master's degree in Fitness Management.

Sometime later, I decided to attend Massage School. It was here that I met a fellow student and was introduced to Bowenwork™. At this time, I was suffering from a chronic tight hip. I had tried everything with no relief. After, I received my first treatment of Bowenwork™, 85% of my pain and stiffness was gone. By the second treatment, I was completely pain free. I knew from this point on I wanted to learn and study this amazing form of therapy.


2018: Professional Bowenwork Practitioner - 500 Hours

2017: Specialized Bowen Procedure

2009: Bowen Therapeutic Technique - Diploma of Proficiency

2007:  Professional Bowenwork Practitioner

2004: Massage Therapist License Bellvue Massage School

1985: Masters of Sports Science Mobile Alabama Fitness Management

1984: Bachelor of Science Physical Education Seattle Pacific University



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